2018 Fall Meeting Exhibitor/Sponsor

Exhibits and Sponsorship Opportunities


Exhibits include 1 attendee (pricing based on registration date and member status) with a second attendee at $150.  Any additional attendees register as a regular attendee using the Attendee Registration form that you can find here

You can view the Exhibit Hall here.

You can view the Exhibitor Contract here and the Exhibitor Information here.

Sponsorship Opportunities

All Sponsorships include exhibit space rental.

$1850 Opportunities

  • Program USB Drive (1 Sponsorship)
  • Audiovisual (1 Sponsorship)
  • Lanyards (1 Sponsorship)
  • Name Badges (1 Sponsorship)
  • Notepads (1 Sponsorship)
  • Pens (1 Sponsorship)
  • Bags (1 Sponsorship)
  • WIFI (1 Sponsorship)

 $1750 Opportunities

  • Luncheon (2 Sponsorships)

 $1650 Opportunities

  • Continental Breakfast (2 Sponsorships)

 $1400 Opportunities

  • AM Refreshment Break (2 Sponsorships)
  • PM Refreshment Break (2 Sponsorships)

In the event your desired Sponsorship(s) is taken, you may select an alternate item/event.

SPONSORS: Artwork/Logo/Ad Copy must be received via email by Friday, October 5th, 2018 for inclusion in program materials.

2018 Exhibitor/Sponsor Registration
2018 Fall Educational Conference Contract
2018 Fall Exhibitor Information