The Benefits of Membership

  1. The California Self-Insurers Association provides a forum for education and training, review and discussion of member’s common problems, initiation of corrective actions, and networking through their educational programs, newsletters, bulletins and website.
  2. Members receive discounts to CSIA educational events.
  3. Through CSIA membership in the National Council of Self-Insurers Association, our members are able to attend their annual meeting at member rates.
  4. The association intervenes as amicus curiae in cases of broad interest to self-insured employers.
  5. CSIA works closely with the State of California Director of Industrial Relations, Manager of Self-insurance Plans, and the Self-insurers Security Fund in respect to rules and regulations governing the self-insurance of workers’ compensation in California.
  6. CSIA interfaces with the UWC, National Council of Self-Insurers, governmental and privately funded organizations to address issues of national importance to members.
  7. The association advances legislation of common interest and opposes harmful legislation and regulations.