We look forward to seeing everyone at our next monthly webinar on Tuesday December 7th at 10:30 am for a 60 minute session entitled "Civil Money Penalties: The Year in Review & Strategies for Avoidance" with Frank Fairchok of MEDVAL.  This session will dive into two areas of change around the Mandatory Insurer Reporting requirements of the Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 to help primary payers maximize their compliance and reduce risk. 

This is a can't miss webinar and you can register here.  Please be advised that the event link is sent separately and if you register the day of the event you must contact Jill Dulich to obtain the link.

Learn About CSIA

Since its inception in 1929, the California Self-Insurers Association has continually met its mission of monitoring and protecting the legitimate interests of workers’ compensation self-insurers. Over the years CSIA’s mission has undergone many changes.  While it is still the primary goal of CSIA to protect the interests of self-insurers in the field of workers’ compensation, one of our main objectives for 2018 and beyond is to get more self-insured employers engaged in the workers’ compensation process.

More employers are making the decision to self-insure their workers’ compensation programs because of the financial benefits.  However, many of these same employers then make the decision to completely rely on other resources to manage the process.  As a result, they are not fully realizing the benefit of being self-insured.  Employers need to be engaged in the management of their programs so that they can better understand why certain claim decisions are made, and what the true costs of their programs are. 

Engagement can mean many things, but at its very core level, education is a key component.  It is also critical to network with other self-insured employers and CSIA is the ideal resource to facilitate these interactions.  This critical ‘engagement’ in the field of self-insurance can apply to those employers with high deductible programs as well.  Those employers are essentially self-insured to their retention level, and they too need to better understand how and why their money is being spent.

Become a member of CSIA and join your colleagues as a driving factor in the process!